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Vitaly Klichko in a special roller to Euro-2012 has told to English fans about Ukraine

The world champion in a super heavyweight under version WBC Vitaly Klichko has told about Ukraine to English fans who intend to visit Euro-2012 matches.

The roller with the reference of the Ukrainian champion has been placed on the official channel of Football association of England.

“We are very glad to possibility to accept Euro-2012, and all with impatience wait for this event which should become the most significant in the history our country”, – Friend Evro-2012 hasn’ted.

Klichko has given brief information to Englishmen about the Ukrainian cities accepting matches of the European superiority.

“Donetsk – an industrial city with one of the advanced stadiums. The miner – very much a strong team which is known by all who is fond of football. It is very green, pure and modern city. Kiev has been based more one and a half thousand years ago. It is an ancient city with the big history. Here there are many historical sights. You should visit the Monastery, also the museum of the Second World War with a huge metal statue in height more than 120 meters” is interesting enough, – the Ukrainian boxer has told.

Klichko has invited fans to Ukraine, having noticed that they won’t regret about it.

“I more than am assured, all who will arrive to Ukraine, will be amazed by beauty of the country and hospitality of people. And, of course, all should like football matches. Who becomes the champion of Europe? Let’s look. Welcome to Ukraine for Euro-2012″, – Vitaly Klichko has declared.

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