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British called George Vashington the most dangerous enemy military leader

Following the results of poll which has been carried out by the National military museum of Great Britain, the most dangerous foreign military leader inhabitants of foggy Albion called the leader of North American war for George Vashington’s independence.

The founding father of the USA, the commander-in-chief of Continental army was recognized as the most dangerous commander because as a result of war for independence the British Empire lost control over the huge territory, transfers to Reuters.

Besides J. Washington, in the list of “the main historical threats” Great Britain the Irish revolutionary Michael Collins, the general field marshal of Wehrmacht Ervin Rommel, the founder of the Turkish republic Moustapha Kemal Ataturk appeared.

Let’s note that Englishmen mentioned also the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, however the commander didn’t receive support of the majority of 8 thousand participants of vote.

Washington at the head of Continental army resisted to the British armies during War for independence 1775-1783 .

Historian Stephen Brumel who was the adviser of competition, defined results of this campaign, as “the most crushing defeat of the empire”. “Its (Washington) a personal contribution as the leader, it appeared a determinant”, – the historian believes.

Let’s remind, in March of this year the inhabitant of the State of Iowa sold at the eBay online auction chicken naggets, in the form reminding the head of U.S. President George Vashington turned in a profile.

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